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Scavenger Hunt Illustrations

Along with a writing partner, who has sourced the photographic content and¬†written poems to accompany the illustrations, we are creating scavenger hunts for Central Park and The Metropolitan Museum. The first illustration in the series is Balto, which will be included along with the Egyptian […]


Jack’s First Birthday Party…Card

This illustration was done when my son turned one-year-old, in 2004.


iPad Drawing Experiments

I’ve started a series of drawings based on experiences my daughter had while attending the NYC Parks Department summer camp program. These are a few (almost) finished sketches using my own photographs and Sketchbook, an iPad drawing program.


A Portrait of My Son

When Jack was born, I painting this picture of him to present to my husband on Father’s day. As a professional illustrator, I often painted from photographs, but I always used the opportunity to add a bit of my own flavor to the photo, to […]


Digital Image Design

Digital Image Design, now defunct, employed me to handle all aspects of design: I was the print person, illustrator and art director. We also worked on web sites for corporate clients, and so I began my first foray into web site design.


Halloween Poster

Every year, the organizers for the Halloween party at my kids’ school ask me to make a poster. This is the 2011 vintage.


The ILEA Leaf

The ILEA Leaf (Institute for Life cycle Energy Analysis) was an environmental newsletter, written by my friend and former boss at Digital Image Design, Roel Hammerschlag. I’ve added these to the site because I’ve always liked them as examples of some of the conceptual work […]


I spent 2000-2001 at, and enjoyed working in the news business for the first time. It taught me a lot.