About Me



I know that these “about me” pages are supposed to be pretty succinct, but I’m in a re-invention phase and feel the need for a scorched-earth sort of approach.

I’ve always been a difficult person to categorize. In part, it’s because I become intensely focused on the thing that interests me for a period of time, and then I move on. A characteristic which would prevent one from toiling away at that place of personal obsession for very long.

These have been some of my personal (and professional) obsessions
over the last year:

• Education issues in the New York City schools, and at Jamaica High
School (Queens, NY) in particular
• Getting more intensely involved with design
• Learning more about video, and editing my own pieces
• The democratic protests taking place in Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries

I’ve had a really good time in the three fields that I’ve been able to call home. I’ve spent roughly ten years in each of these fields, and they’ve taken me places that I never expected to go.

These fields can be roughly divided into these areas of interest: illustration, design (some print, mostly web) and multimedia.

I started out as an illustrator. My first love. I was prolific. I had wide-ranging skills. I had a nearly schizophrenic array of styles that I felt comfortable working in. I was tired. I was poor. But I was often happy.

My biggest personal challenge was the lack of control over my creative work. This led me to my next field, design, on the theory that as a designer I would have more control over my creative life, and be more satisfied in general. This was true, to an extent.

My design work led me to freelance for a hardware developer, Digital Image Design, handling all their print and web needs. I had a good time at that company. It was filled with dancers, artists, programmers and engineers. The company closed its doors and I went back out into the world, this time to work on web sites.

I also decided to go back to school, and felt I needed more of a liberal arts program. So I went to the New School, and got a Masters in Media Studies.

Towards the end of the degree program I went to work as a freelancer at ABCNews.com. It was my first foray into news. I freelanced for them from 2000 to 2001. I was there during September 11. I became part of the world of online journalism.

After ABCNews.com, I became a multimedia producer for The New York Times. I wanted to learn to make interactive pieces, and what they wanted seemed pretty doable for me at that point (some flash, some audio editing, some layout, mostly in the form of re-working print pieces for the web site).

The challenge that I created for myself was that I wasn’t playing to my strengths in design. They HAD a design position open, but I was moving on to my next obsession: multimedia. Mere design didn’t appeal. Have I said before I like a challenge?

The New York Times offered content that was far and away the most interesting material I’ve had the opportunity to work with: I edited audio interviews, put together audio slide shows, learned some more about Flash and worked with producers to help them build better multimedia pieces for their sections.

I spent a lot of time working on The Wines of The Times tastings with Eric Asimov. I also stayed late into the night for lots of breaking news events, such as elections, disasters, etc.

I was at least partly responsible for the formation of a new department built to respond to breaking news events. I re-built the Wines of The Times multimedia piece, ill-suited to discussions about wine, and added functionality that allowed users to send the list to their mobiles or as an email.

Now, I’m looking for another challenge.
I’d love, LOVE to continue to do meaningful multimedia work. And design. And Illustration. It’s all of a piece to me now. So please do contact me if you’re interested in these things, and looking for someone to do them. I’d be happy to oblige.

Note: To navigate this site, it’s sometimes helpful to use the categories found at the bottom.

For more information please contact me: monica(dot)evanchik(at)gmail(dot)com

Here’s my resume (PDF).