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  • The New School: M.A. Media Studies (2000)
  • The Cleveland Institute of Art: B.F.A. Illustration (1986)
  • Video Storytelling Workshop (Poynter)

EXPERIENCE The Official New York City Guide 2013 – Present
Digital Project Manager

  • Project management: NYC Family Ambassador programs
    (Dora, Curious George & Waldo)
  • Project management: Broadway Week & Off-Broadway Week
  • Project Management: Insider Guides
  • Platform changes: Email signups, redesigned deals section
  • Producer: Corporate, B2B and B2C emails, sent through Exact Target (Non-profit) 2011 – 2012
Web Producer

  • Produce content for the web site
  • Work to enhance web site in the development of web parts for templates
  • CSS, Javascript and JQuery (intermediate)
  • Record and edit audio for podcasts (Use the Genre pulldown to search for Audio)
  • Edit and encode videos, initiate the move to HTML5 video in Brightcove
  • Write documentation for best practices in audio recording
  • Build forms for the web site with developers

The New York Times (Newspaper web site) 2003 – 2009
Multimedia Producer:

Search the Times web site for my work.

  • Built content into pre-built flash templates, mostly through a custom built xml-generator
  • Edited audio from reporters, producers and photographers
  • Evaluated content and made editorial decisions about how to best package content for the web
  • Produced small flash projects in both AS2 and AS3
  • Built CSS pages for the web site


  • Worked on several breaking news events, including The shootings at Virginia Tech, the California vote on Proposition 8, and Election day coverage
  • Trained producers in audio editing
  • Produced Wines of The Times with Eric Asimov, the Times’ Chief Wine Critic, and eventually re-designed the WOTT template to allow for both e-mailing and texting the full tasting report to users on the web site
  • Built AS3 flash project ‘One Summer, 14 Weekends’ for the travel section
  • Produced Weekend Explorer, an interactive map with audio and video components as well as a podcast (Network News web site) 2000 – 2001

  • Designed both editorial and marketing projects for the web site


  • 2002 Astrid ‘Best of Web Sites’ award for “Inside Afghanistan,” Sebastian Junger’s account of the war in Afghanistan after 9/11

Digital Image Design, Incorporated (Hardware Developer) 1996 – 1997
Art Director

  • Designed all corporate identity and materials and web site, promotional materials for the Monkey (an animation input device) as well as print ads

Polo Ralph Lauren 1991 – 1994

  • Artist for the men’s design department

References available upon request.